Used in: gor/nor


The SPLIT command outputs multiple rows for columns that split into more than one value. If multiple columns are split and they have different number of items, missing values are replaced by an empty cell. Output values are white space trimmed.

Note that a different command, COLSPLIT, is used to split a column into multiple columns based on a separator pattern.


gor file | split cols [ attributes ]


-s 'sep'

The split separator pattern, e.g. ‘;’ or ‘,|;’, or ‘[;,]’. If no -s option is used, the default the split pattern is ‘,’.

-e char

Character to denote empty field. Defaults to empty string, i.e. of length 0.


The following example shows a GOR query that will split the list into four separate rows. Note that if single quotation marks are used, the individual separator patterns much be separated by the pipe symbol.

norrows 1 | CALC x '1,2;3,4' | SPLIT x -s ';|,'

The next query is an equivalent expression using square brackets around the separator patterns, which obviates the need for the pipe symbol.

norrows 1 | CALC x '1,2;3,4' | SPLIT x -s '[;,]'