Used in: gor/nor


The COLSPLIT command splits the content of a column into separate columns based on a defined split separator. The number of output columns, which is specified below in the usage with colnum, must be smaller than 100. Output column names are one-based, e.g. prefix_1, …, prefix_colnum.


gor ... | colsplit splitcol colnum prefix [-s sepVal] [-m missVal ]


-s sepval

Split separator. By default it is a comma ‘,’.

-m missval

The value to put into the last columns if the list is shorter than colnums.


Add a column with the number of columns in the list.


The following example will take the QName column in the specified BAM file and split the value at each colon. The split values will be inserted into separate columns prefixed with split_ followed by a number. If there is not enough input for all the split columns, the question mark character will be inserted for any empty columns.

gor file.bam | COLSPLIT QName 7 split -s ':' -m '?'