The MAX function compares two numbers and returns the maximum of the two. The supplied numbers can be references to columns.


MIN(number,number) : float


The example query here explicitly lists two numbers (4 and 5) and creates a calculated column called “test” with the maximum number (5).

gorrow chr1,1,1 | CALC test max(4,5)
chrom    bpStart bpStop test
chr1     1       1      5

The next query creates two columns (number1 and number2) with random numbers and then compares and writes the lower number in the test column.

gorrow chr1,1,1 | CALC number1 random() | CALC number2 random() | CALC test min(number1,number2)

The following query contains nested MAX functions to show how you might want to compare three different numbers.

gorrow chr1,1,1 | CALC test max(4,max(3,5))
chrom    bpStart bpStop test
chr1     1       1      5