The LISTADD function adds an item to the end of a list.

The function accepts three parameters:

  • source of the list in string format,

  • the item to add.

An optional third parameter specifies the separator to use (by default, a comma is used).

The function returns the result in string format.


listadd(str, value[, sep]) : str


An example of using the LISTADD function with an explicitly stated list is shown below.

gorrow 1,1,1 | CALC listresult LISTADD('a,b,c,d', 'e')

The result is the list ‘a,b,c,d,e’.

If the list is not separated by commas, as in the following example, the separator must be included (in quotation marks - single or double) as a second parameter.

gor example.vcf | CALC listresult LISTREVERSE('a:b:c:d', 'e', ':')

Here the result is the list ‘a:b:c:d:e’.