The form function formats a number, specifying the space and decimals (C-style %x.yg format style). It either uses the ‘f’ or ‘e’ notation depending on the size of the number and the number of decimal places specified.

The function takes three parameters: the number you are formatting, the width of the output, and the number of decimal places to include.


GFORM(num,integer,integer) : string


The query below formats the number given to 2 decimal places, resulting in an output of 3.14.

gorrow 1,1,1 | CALC test GFORM(3.14159,1,2)

If you are using the number in an output string that is intended to be read as is, care must be taken to allow for enough spaces in the output number, which is the purpose of the first integer parameter. For example in the following example, a string width of 5 is given to allow for the 3 decimal places, the decimal itself, and the space between the number and the text.

gorrow 1,1,1 | CALC test GFORM(3.14159,5,2) | CALC new 'this is a number'+test