Used in: gor/nor


The REPLACE command is similar to the CALC command, except that the column specifier (col) in the expression indicates an existing column (or columns) that will be replaced with the expression value. It is possible to refer to the column being changed via #rc, which denotes the “column at hand/in context” when a multicolumn expression is done in replace.

Note #rc is always a string so if you want to compare with size then use something like: if(isfloat(#rc),if(float(#rc)>2.0,2.0,float(#rc)),‘NaN’)

It can be preferable to use this command instead of the SED command in many cases.


gor ... | REPLACE col(s) expression


... | REPLACE colx,coly,sum_* IF(#rc in ('.',';'),'',#rc).