Used in: gor/nor


The RENAME command enables you to rename the column in the output of the GOR query. The column that you are renaming does not need to be referred to by name, but may be referred to by it’s column number in the same way as is used by the SELECT command. You should not use a number when naming the columns, as this will result in an error.

As with other column renaming commands, any collisions in column names will result in an “x” being appended to one of the column names in the GOR query output.

Rename does also supports regular-expression with binding variables to rename multiple columns.


gor ... | RENAME oldColname newColname



Strict - report an error if no match for column is found


The following query will eliminate set_ from the beginning of column names:

gor ... | RENAME set\_(.*) #{1}


gor ... | RENAME (.*)_VEP(.*) VEP#{2}

will rename columns like set_VEPa and lis_VEPb to VEPa and VEPb, respectively.