Used in: gor/nor


The LOG command specifies how often we log rows to monitor the progress of a query as it runs.


gor ... | LOG [-l label | -t time] number


-l label

The column which the lookup is based upon.

-t time

Case-insensitive column lookup.

-a level

Log level, error, warn or info.


gor #dbSNP# | log 1000000 | group 1000 -count | log 1000

The query above returns two types of log records (log1 and log2). log1 shows every million’th row in the #dbSNP# source while log2 shows every thousand aggregated row. If no number is specified the default value is 1 and every row is logged.

If the -t flag is set, the time specifies the seconds between logs and the number will no longer have any effect.

For example, the following query:

gor #dbSNP# | log -t 10 logs every ten seconds.

The log goes to stderr in GORpipe and the monitor window in the gorviewer.