Used in: gor/nor


The INSET command only passes rows where the column value is found in the setfile, unless the option -b is used. The setfile must be a single column file or a <(nor … ) expression.


gor ... | INSET setfile.txt -c PN


-c column

The column which the lookup is based upon.


Case-insensitive column lookup.


Return 1 (true) or 0 (false) to indicate set membership.


Negate the condition, i.e. NOTINSET.


Assume the data is ordered for the columns on which the lookup is based.

The -ordered flag can reduce the memory usage significantly, especially when the number of lines in the map file is high. Note that there are no checks to see if the order is correct - only use this option if the input stream and the map file is correctly ordered.