Source Command


GORROW is a source command that returns a single row of data based on the input parameters.

To use GORROW, you define the chromosome, start position and end position. This command is a tool similar to the SQL command SELECT * FROM DUAL when working with Oracle database. It is useful when you need to perform a calculation and you want to test the calculation out on a single row before applying the calculation as a pipe step in a larger query with an actual source.

The GORROW command is particular useful when testing out a calculated step in a query.


GORROW chromosome,start_position,stop_position

GORROW chromosome,position


The following example creates a row and waits 1000 milliseconds. Useful for debugging purposes.

GORROW chr1,1,1 | WAIT 1000


chrom       bpStart bpStop
chr1        1       1

The below query creates a row with a position value of 10.

GORROW chr1,10


chrom       pos
chr1        10